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Rehabbing with the Troops (RWTT) is a program of Pro vs. GI Joe, the non-profit organization that connects American troops all over the world with their favorites professional athletes and celebrities through live video game competitions and webcams.

In partnership with the USO and sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance, Pro vs. GI Joe created Rehabbing with the Troops using their concept of connecting pros and troops through video games but instead is focusing solely on wounded warriors and fun, yet intense workouts with professional athletes acting as their trainers and training partners

RWTT’s goal is simple: to create a virtual community, called the Wounded Warrior Arena, in which our warriors can find common ground and a mutual understanding while simultaneously working on both their physical rehabilitation and emotional well-being. The Wounded Warrior Arena is the place our troops maintain all the information related to their Rehabbing with the Troops season including pictures, videos, blogs, workouts, statistics and standings.

Rehabbing with the Troops consists of seasons, with each season lasting several weeks. Each week the warriors are given intense customized workouts they must complete in addition to writing blogs, making videos, completing challenges, rallying their friends, family and communities to support them, updating facebook and a lot of other really fun things!

With the support of Armed Forces Insurance and the USO, each warrior is provided all the equipment they need to successfully complete the season, including a console, games, FLIP video cameras, official RWTT workout gear and duffel bag and all the training equipment they need for whatever their specific season requires.

We ask our vets to provide what we can't: heart, commitment, desire and a willingness to challenge themselves.

To date, RWTT trainers include athletes from Tito Ortiz, the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks. Our wounded vets are from every branch of service and live all over the United States. Though most of our vets are medically retired from the service, there are several still in the military (most in the Reserve and National Guard) while some are still undergoing treatment at Walter Reed and while others are medically retired

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