Final Blog

Posted by Christopher Toey
Posted 6 months 25 days ago

My participation in Rehabbing with the Troops, has been an amazing experience. Through the program, I have gained motivation to start working out once again. I have also been able to connect with other servicemen and servicewomen that have gone through the same types of experiences as myself. Many of us stay connected even when not participating in the program. Fortunately, I have seen first hand the good that the program does

Final Blog

Posted by Michael Finlay
Posted 6 months 27 days ago

I am going to briefly talk about how I got in the program, what I got out of the program, and some tips for the new season.

How I got here:

I got into RWTT by responding to an email. The email said that they were looking for injured veterans to participate in workouts using a Wii. They would provide the Wii and the game. I had gotten out of shape after leaving the Army and thought why not because I wasn’t motivated to work out on my own.

Past Veterans

Posted 7 months 4 days ago

As I get more involved with Veterans groups, I become more aware of what it means to be a Veteran, and a Combat Veteran at that. One thing that I can’t help think about is the Combat Veterans from wars past that are still around and living normal lives. One thing I think about is how much harder they all had it than me. The wars that the U.S. has fought (Vietnam, Korea, WWII) were so much tougher and more dangerous than what I went through

Have someone write a blog on your behalf

Posted 7 months 7 days ago

Anthony Rico is a dedicated man: to his family, friends, job and country. Ever since he began his work with Rehabbing with the Troops, I have seen that dedication grow to so much more. His workout ethic is unmatched. While most Americans would rank sleeping and eating at the top of their favorite pastimes, Rico has replaced those with crazy things like 50 mile bike rides. While wearing a leotard, no less.