The Wounded Warrior Arena has NOW 3 BIG Titles awarded each week. These BIG 3 are Titles that are not taken lightly and are prized among our Warriors and for very good reason – it takes a huge effort to take home these Titles! And as you all know, our Military men and women take pride in everything that they do so get ready for some friendly yet heated battles and welcome to to the WWA BIG 3!

Challenge of the Week

One of the most challenging exercises on the EA Sports Active title is the Heavy Bag. And because it’s so difficult, we’ve decided to make it a weekly challenge – to see who can go the distance on the heavy bag! Each Heavy Bag challenge completed MUST be recorded to ensure the exercise is executed properly. Each week, the challenge will be harder, with more repetitions and higher intensity. We’ll start out with 5 sets during week 1 and will increase each week for the 10 week season.

It’s the warriors choice whether or not their Heavy Bag Challenge vids hits the site for all to see but if they do you can see them all in action