Take the Warrior Challenge

One of our biggest motivations for creating Rehabbing with the Troops was to build a community of support for our wounded warriors. As each of them will likely tell you, being a member of the military – regardless of the branch in which one serves – is like being a part of a family. Because of all they experience, troops form bonds few civilians can understand. But when they are separated from the military, either voluntarily or through a medical discharge, many troops feel a true sense of loss as they are no longer integrated on a daily basis with their fellow troops – their family. Some begin to withdrawal, become isolated, and wonder if they will ever find that sense of “belonging” again.

After all they have sacrificed and experienced, we never want our wounded warriors to feel abandoned and/or lost. Through Rehabbing with the Troops, we invite our warriors in to a special community – one consisting of fellow troops and professional athletes as well as family members, friends and fans who will be cheering them on and watching their progress through the Wounded Warrior Arena.

But we don’t want the troops and pros to be the only ones working out! Join the troops in their journey by taking the AFI WARRIOR CHALLENGE! It’s not easy but it’s fun AND it will go a long way to show our warriors that although they may feel isolated at times, they have our support and that we are in this fight with them!

What taking the AFI WARRIOR CHALLENGE entails:

It's simple…do the same AFI Challenge our warriors will be doing!!!  To take the AFI WARRIOR CHALLENGE please send a brief email about why you want to be a part of Rehabbing with the Troops and the Wounded Warrior Arena to Greg at greg@provsgijoe.org along with your Challenge results / vids.  You will receive a confirmation email and where your vid / results will be posted!

NOTE:  We will have a special 'Take the Warrior Challenge Fan Page' for all fan video and pictures! 


Season 3's first AFI Challenge will be announced tomorrow so stay tuned!!